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Special Events: 1998 - European Computer Trade Show

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1998 European Computer Trade Show (ECTS)

From, ECTS is:
"As Europe's premier trade event for the interactive entertainment industry, ECTS brings together the major software publishers and developers from around the world with key buyers and press. Covering all aspects of the home and leisure software and hardware market, ECTS is where the industry comes together to do business. "

September, London's Olympia exhibition hall.
This event was for industry professionals only and not open to consumers.

Notable mentions from the member's homepages

James Rutherford's The ECTS 98 Report List
Nick Ferguson's Diary ECTS 1998 - Part One, 17 November, 1998
Continued, Tonight's Double Bill: "Son of ECTS" & "GDUK-Zilla!", 19 January, 1999

Image from James' mastodon

The Paul Harvey's (~macpaul) "QuickTimeVR of the show (813k)" file mentioned above deconstructed and reconstructed as a single image:

Notable posts from the newsgroups

Notes from Denise (~madmac)


This years ECTS was my first, or like Paul Harvey said, I also was a ECTS-virgin. 
It was a perfect combination of girls games and contacts. I met a lot of interesting 
people and got a great idea of the industry I'm about to enter. 
In my case it was even more excited because I had some appointments with big 
companies. My FreeFall project will probably be developed by "Engine Software" and 
we had to find a publisher for it. I was joint at some appointments. The reactions were 
rather positive. I got backstage at Sony and I heard that EIDOS was very positive too. 
So you can imagine how excited I was. 
Paul Harvey made a QuickTimeVR of the show (813k). It' gives an impression of the show. 
There are sadly some pics missing, but one side is worth watching . 

UP's at the ECTS 1998
EIDOS - Girls
Sony - Girls
Airracer - Girls (red catsuits)
Carmageddon Girls
F1 Girls (with red racing suits)
Sony PARTY!!!!
Some great new Sony games
Lot's of freebee's
Free T-shirts
LEGO products
Lot's of NY-members
Rather a lot of dutch people
Free access
Pictures of the EIDOS Girls
Great freebee's at Sony
Zelda 64 (finally)
Meeting Robert Swan's "Girl Friend" ;-)

Down's at the ECTS 1998
Wild 9 Girls
Sony microwave stand
Microsoft Show
Nintendo's Colour Game Boy
Few new N64 games
Nintendo Girls
Few PSX CD's  Too many PC-CD's  (few Mac)
No NY Black Disc available

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