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Net Yaroze Games on Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc

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Original Sony's competition information archived here.
And mirror here at

Net Yaroze Games on Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc

More Fame Opportunities in '98!

Each month we here at SCEE look for a Net Yaroze Member to come up with a playable demo to go on 'Official PlayStation Magazine' Demo Disc.

This Demo Disc will go on the cover of the Official PlayStation Magazine which will go out to over 750,000 PlayStation games players in Europe and Australia each month.
In addition to this, the Magazine will also publish a bit about your game and a photo of you! If you would like to see your playable demo on the Official PlayStation Disc then get programming. All you have to do is advise us that you are entering the competition by phone or e-mail, and let us know when your entry will be on your Home Page.

Closing dates are as below. (If you do enter, please remember to include the special title screen on the front of your game - this can be found in the download area ( within the demo section on the Members Web site.)

Submission Dates for '98

Submission Date	        Issue Month
18th February	        May Issue
17th March	        June Issue
15th April	        July Issue
13th May	        August Issue
10th June	        September Issue
7th July	        October Issue
11th September	        November Issue

Please note that these dates may be subject to change.

The Rules

Please advise by e-mail asap if you are submitting a game. Entries will be judged on the dates above and the winner will be notified shortly afterwards.

1. Entries should not contain copyright material of any third party. Entries containing copyright material which are submitted without clear evidence of the owners express permission for its inclusion will not be used.
2. Product titles, publisher/developer names, and brands and associated imagery and/or trademarks are copyright material of their respective owners.
3. Entries must be created using NY PlayStation libraries only, and created by a Net Yaroze Member.
4. Also, entries must be free of any claims of ownership or otherwise by any third party, and must not have been made available to third parties with the intention of commercial usage.

Official Winners List

Congratulations to the winning Net Yaroze Members .....

December '97 Issue:		Lewis Evans - 'Between The Eyes (Tunnel)'
Christmas '97 Issue:		Stuart Ashley - 'Clone'
January '98 Issue:		Ira Rainey - 'A Dog Tail'
March '98 Issue:		Scott Evans - 'Bouncer II'
April '98 Issue:		Team Fatal - 'Terra Incognita'
July '98 Issue:			James Shaugnessy - 'Gravitation'
August '98 Issue:		Ben James - 'Psychon'

The Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) Net Yaroze Fame Game is a monthly competition open to all SCEE Net Yaroze Members. All you have to do is, program a playable demo on your Net Yaroze and post it to your Home Page on the dedicated Net Yaroze Members Web site. SCEE will then judge the competition on the closing date each month. The winner will then get their game on the Official PlayStation cover mount Demo Disc and editorial about the themselves and their game in the Magazine.

Net Yaroze 1st Anniversary Competition Results

Congratulations to all the winners of the Net Yaroze 1st Anniversary Competition!!

1st Prize: Monster Mall/Blitter Boy written by Chris Chadwick

2nd Prize: Z2 written by James Pitts

3rd Prize: Bouncer 2 written by Scott Evans

The Competition Prizes and Rules were as follows

1st Prize
Sony Digital Still Camera
The DSC-F1, featuring a real-time LCD viewfinder, shoots 640 x 480-res shots which can then be digitally manipulated.

2nd Prize
Sony Recordable MiniDisc Walkman
The MZ-R30 offers 74 minutes of stereo recording (148 in mono), easy editing functions, and up to 15 hours playback.

3rd Prize
Sony Shoulder Speaker System
The SRS-GS70 features a built-in 2W amp, and sits on the user's shoulders offering near-field sound reproduction and vibration.

Each winner will also received 1 years FREE subscription to Edge.

The Competition

The competition was open to SCEE Net Yaroze Members.
All they had to do was create a game on their Net Yaroze.
Entries were judged on technical and creative content (for the purpose of the competition, the game did not have to be complete).
It's was that simple!


All competitors had to do was print off and complete an Application Form and post it to ‘The Net Yaroze 1st Anniversary Game Competition, SCEE, Waverley House, 7-12 Noel Street, London, W1V 4HH. Alternatively, they could call the Net Yaroze Enquiry Line on + 44 171 447 1616 and request an Application Form to be sent by post. Once the program was complete it had to be posted on the competitors Home Page on the Net Yaroze Members Web site. Entries had to be posed by the 12th March 1998.

Competition Rules & Regulations

Entry is open to SCEE Net Yaroze Members, excluding all employees of SCE PAL Territories, or of Edge Magazine, their families or agents, or anyone connected with this Competition. Application Forms for entry should be sent by post to "Net Yaroze 1st Anniversary Competition", Waverley House, 7-12 Noel Street, London W1V 4HH.

Application Forms must not be received later than 10th March 1998. Entries must be received by 12th March 1998. Competition entries must be placed on the Members Home Page. Only one entry per Member. The language used in entries must be English. Entries must be created using NY PlayStation libraries only and created by the Member named on the Application Form. Entries must not contain copyright material of any third party. Copyright is the property of the Member subject to any SCEE or other rights incorporated in them. The judges decision is final. Winners will be notified by e-mail within 2 weeks of the closing date. A list of winners and their country will be posted on the Net Yaroze Web site on the News page and will also appear in Edge Magazine. No correspondence will be entered into concerning the results of the Competition. The prizes are as described above and are not transferable; there will be no cash alternative, although in exceptional circumstances SCEE may offer prizes of a similar cost value in substitution. Names and photographs of the winners may be used for publicity purposes. Entries which are not in accordance with the rules will be disqualified. Please retain a copy of these rules for your own information. Product titles, publisher/developer names, and brands and associated imagery and/or trademarks are copyright material of their respective owners.

Steve Jarratt worked at at OPSM and mentions the cover disk in this interview, quote "this thing was just racking money in like you wouldn't believe".

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