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Author: Alex Mole
Year: 2002
Region: Europe
Genre: Platformer


Jeff was created late in the life of the Net Yaroze and therefore it's not as popular as earlier games, although its quality and playability make it worthy of being among the best ones. In this single-player platformer, we must guide the main character through the course while collecting as many pellets as possible. Similar to other games such as Pepsiman[1] or Minion Rush[2], running is automatic and all you have to do is turn and jump. The game features only two levels, but the different paths available add replay value. Overall, it's very short and simple but also really well made and fun to play.

This is the only 3D game developed by Alex Mole with the Net Yaroze. His other works include a turn-based strategy game, Ape-ocalypse Now ?[3] and Squib?[4], a side-scrolling shooter.

Although Alex mole has been working as creative technical director at Criterion Games[5][6] since 2005 he hasn't left the indie scene. He has made a couple of games for the Pico-8 virtual console[7] and has collaborated on the Pico-8 fanzine[8].

How to play

Press start to begin or pause the game at any moment.

Press left and right on the directional pad to turn the character.

Press X or to jump.

Walk over arrows for a quick boost.

Landing on a yellow circle makes Jeff jump automatically.

Source code

The source code of Jeff was available for download at Alex Mole's website years ago, but the link is not working anymore. Since it was found in a public website, a copy of that file is provided in the following link:


1. Pepsiman gameplay video.

2. Minion Rush gameplay video.

3. Ape-ocalypse Now entry at Alex Mole's online portfolio.

4. Squib entry at Alex Mole's online portfolio.

5. 'About me' tab at Alex Mole's online portfolio.

6. Criterion Games blog, May 26, 2015 entry.

7. Alex Mole's profile page at

8. Pico-8 Zine profile page at

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4 comments on "Jeff"

  • qobol: 2020-02-04 11:09 +1100
    Jeff by Alex Mole. Europe, 2002.

  • mgarcia: 2020-02-06 21:23 +1100
    good post and info, I'm guessing Alex used the Net Yaroze via a university program? ie:

    They were still printing OPSM for PS1 until 2004, so this *could* have been published via the demo disk, I know Sony was messaging members for new games, up to the end pretty much.
  • qobol: 2020-02-15 02:03 +1100
    Yes, he made it while he was studying at the University of Abertay Dundee.

    Games built with CodeWarrior don't work with the OPSM launcher, so many games were not eligible for this reason. According to his website, the source can be compiled with the GNU gcc too. I've tried to compile it and create an FPC file but I got lots of errors.
  • qobol: 2020-02-21 10:20 +1100
    My mistake. I've found that the binary file included with the source was already built using the gnu compiler and I don't need to recompile it, so I've already made a working fpc file and the game can now be launched from the official magazines menu.

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