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Member's personal homepages

Work In Progress

New Yarozees.

"Yarozee" was a typical miss spelling of "Yaroze" in the public newsgroup, However, Yarozeee might have been first coined by Robert Swan in the newsgroups, in reference to Net Yaroze membership or lack there of, ie "non-yarozees""[1].

So, I guess the term "New Yarozees" are the new blood, New Net Yaroze hobbyists, New Yarozees!

Illuminary New Yarozees.

People that have contributed to Net Yaroze's legacy and amplify New Net Yarozee's future.

~gobousei - Aka Qobol - Net Yaroze games/demos CD compiler.

202X New Yarozees.

Ever wanted to make a simple PlayStation game?
Make a game using the Net Yaroze SDK and get listed here!
Net Yaroze GameJam to be announce soon, follow the RSS or for more future information.

Legacy Members.

Legacy members (or "OG Yarozees"), were the original people that contributed to the Net Yaroze project in the late 1990's until the UK located server was turned off in 2009.

Member's Homepages

0, Ordered in alphabetical ~username.
1, Permission was asked from respective owners below.
2, Sony binaries, and any detailed information related to Sony hardware and/or software have been removed from each site, as per the Net Yaroze agreement not to distribute to non members.

SCEE Members

~CHRISC - Chris Chadwick
~deejay - David Johnson
~derrickb - Derrick Bailey
~dogsnads - Robert Shand
~frktlx - Matt Verran
~javier - F. Javier Ventoso Reigosa
~jonwat - Jonathan Watson
~madmonk - Ben James
~magnier1 - Nicolas Magnier
~mgarcia - Mike Garcia
~middx_uni - Middlesex University - Dr P Passmore
~middex2 - Middlesex University - Rob Swan
~middex01 - Middlesex University - Jason Spreadborough's Net Yaroze Laboratory
~mltb01 - Mark Baker
~mrfrosty - James Rutherford
~plorin - Philippe Lorin
~RFREDW - Robert Williams
~rookie1 - Nick Ferguson
~rprince - Rick Prince
~shadow - Ira Rainey
~shaughnj - James Shaughnessy
~tomaandi - Derek Da Silva

SCEE Staff

Paul Holman - Director of Technology/R&D SCEE

SCEA Members

scartier - Scott Cartier

SCEI Members

TEAM KAIGA - Magic-Castle

Toshiharu Araki - 3D Dragon Paster


1: Post by Rob Swan in newsgroup freetalk.english - Net Yaroze User Agreement Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 15:33:42.
".... I mean, if you split up the header yaroze functions to your main source code either to allow non−yarozees to look at it, or in order to make downloading easier, then you are losing that functionality in both cases by requiring the user has to access the yaroze site anyway. ...."

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